Your garden or backyard can be used for much more than being a playground for your kids and pets. Some homeowners use it for therapeutic purposes such as for creating a calm, serene space for contemplation and relaxation. One of the best ways you can do that is by customizing your yard and adding various decorative and practical elements such as water features, statues, and more. At Urban Water Garden, we specialize in custom landscaping options and we can help you transform your property and make it an oasis of peace and relaxation.

Find out the benefits of water features

Why should you install a water feature in your backyard? The answer is simple – because it looks gorgeous and will help you relax. Water features come in various sizes and shapes. Some homeowners opt for small, simple fountains while others go for larger water features such as ponds and streams. You can have any type of water feature you want in your yard and it is guaranteed to beautify your property.

A water feature doesn’t only look great but it also adds to the home value and it will help bring more potential buyers or tenants when the time comes to sell or rent your property. Another excellent benefit of your water feature is the simple fact that it produces a soothing, calming soundtrack. You can sit in your patio, drinking your coffee and reading the newspaper while the sweet sound of pouring water will gently massage your hearing.

Streams can be customized to your existing space

A plethora of homeowners also opt for streams as water features because they can be created virtually anywhere in your yard, whether you have a compact or a large space available. Streams are similar to waterfalls and they can contain different aquatic plants and fish. They can be decorated with multiple rocks of different sizes, to recreate a natural stream which can be found in forests in the middle of the nature. As an idea, the stream can be created around your flower bed, near a few trees in your yard or by taking advantage of a slope in your backyard, creating a combination of waterfalls, ponds, and streams.

A fountain can be the central design element of your property

If you want to decorate your yard with a classic outdoor element, you can opt to add a beautiful fountain in your yard. These water features are available in various price points and they can be installed virtually anywhere in your yard. They are usually made from stone and feature a pump which circulates the water 24/7, improving the aesthetics of your property. Some homeowners also add lighting options under the fountain because the sight of colored dancing water droplets is so attractive these days!

If you want to explore a more modern approach, you can also go with a fountain made from metal and having a unique design. For example, some fountains have a lot of right angles and are decorated with multiple Greek architectural motifs, making your property look really special and elegant. You can also add flower beds near your fountain as well as multiple colored rocks to complete the picture. The more aesthetically pleasing your fountain is, the more it can add to home value, so basically your investment is protected over the years.

Landscape lighting makes your property look unique

When it comes to landscape lighting, you have so many options available to you. Most homeowners decide to go for small lamps which can be placed on the ground and are recharged by sunlight, so they provide a decent amount of light at no cost to you. You can also go for accent lights which are useful in emphasizing a particular element in your yard such as a tree, a statue or even a water feature. The accent lights can also be mounted at the base of a wall and project the light upwards, making your property look much more attractive and elegant.

If you currently have a patio in your yard, you can add various lighting options to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Some lights can be installed overhead, others can be placed directly on the floor and they can have multiple colors if you want, to create a really enticing and elegant space to be in. At Urban Water Garden, we specialize in landscape lighting and we help you decide what types of lights to install and where, for an affordable price.

Save money by harvesting the rainwater

The potential of rainwater is so underestimated these days. You can use it for a wide variety of purposes and best of all, harvesting the rainwater will help you drastically cut down on your water bill over the course of the year. Our specialists can install special pipes on the roof of your house which will redirect rainwater into a large tank. Afterward, you can use this water for washing your car, washing your driveway or simply watering your plants, flowers, and trees in periods of drought. Water tanks which harvest the rainwater come in various sizes and shapes and they can be installed according to the homeowner’s needs, so make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to keep your property’s running costs as low as possible.

Hardscape elements can add personality to your house

The term hardscape basically refers to installing steps, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, and boulder walls in your yard. These elements should be installed by professionals after performing extensive measurements and calculations, to ensure the end result will be durable and eye-catching at the same time. We can help you expand or add a new driveway to your house, adding more steps towards the front entrance door, and install retaining walls if there is a problem with soil erosion in your area.

Add custom elements such as fire pits

On top of playing with water, our specialists can also play with fire, but in a safe way! We don’t say no to custom projects and many homeowners decide to add a fire pit in their patios. A fire pit can help you create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your yard and it looks very beautiful from any angle. There are numerous types of fire pits which can be powered by different fuel options and they can be used just with decorative purposes or to allow you to prepare delicious foods outdoors.

Fire pits also add to home value and will immediately be appealing to most potential buyers or tenants. Thousands of years ago, people would gather around a fire and eat food, talk, dance, and have fun. A modern fire pit is very safe nowadays and it helps you recreate this attractive ancient atmosphere at an affordable price, so make sure you consider this idea seriously.

At Urban Water Garden, we can also offer landscape maintenance services for properties of all sizes. Our specialists can care for your water features, make minor repairs if necessary, add additional elements that beautify your property, and work directly with you to ensure your yard looks as beautiful as possible. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today if you want more details about our services and to talk with a specialist about your particular landscaping project.